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We believe that Chinese medicine is an effective healing option and an excellent complement to Western medicine. 

As part of their training, our advanced master's students treat patients in a variety of clinical settings — both on campus and in the community — under the supervision of licensed acupuncturists. Our clinical faculty members and the licensed acupuncturists in our doctoral program also treat patients with more complex health concerns. These clinic locations allow students to develop their skills as practitioners while offering affordable health care to patients. We strive to keep our fees low to make care affordable for every budget.

To schedule an appointment, call our clinics directly:

OCOM Clinic, 75 NW Couch Street (4th floor), Portland, OR 97209, 503-445-0951

OCOM Herbal Medicinary − We are located on the ground floor of the OCOM campus building. We focus on Traditional Chinese and East Asian Herbalism and cater to practitioners and their patients, students and the public. 503-445-0956.

OCOM Cherry Blossom Clinic, 10541 SE Cherry Blossom Drive, Portland, OR 97216, 503-445-0953

  • For those outside the Portland area, visit our Practitioner Search page to find an OCOM graduate practicing near you.