Admissions Requirements PDF Print

All applicants must be able to document satisfactory completion of a master’s level training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (or its equivalent) to be eligible for consideration for the OCOM doctoral program. This basic admissions requirement means that applicants must possess a master’s degree (or diploma) in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from a school or college accredited by ACAOM, or the international equivalent. Training in herbal medicine is essential. Original transcripts are required in all cases.

The DAOM program is a clinical doctorate, and students are required to present cases from their practice in the classroom as well as writing case study reports. It is also expected that students will apply the knowledge and skills learned in the program to patients in their own practices. For these reasons, applicants to the DAOM program should be currently licensed practitioners with an active practice (generally this means treating at least ten patients per week with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine). Applicants in the process of obtaining licensure and establishing an active practice will be considered.

Prospective applicants whose prior training falls short of this formal academic criteria may still be eligible for consideration for admission to the program. In such cases, the admissions committee will undertake a formalized credentials and competencies review prior to considering the application. This review will take into account not only an applicant’s training and academic transcript(s), but also factors such as clinical experience and NCCAOM certification in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The review may require a phone interview with the applicant by the committee to verify levels of knowledge and competency in areas such as acupuncture, Oriental medicine theory, TCM diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and biomedicine. The committee may also require the applicant to pass formal written challenge examinations or complete master’s-level coursework if deficiencies in specific areas are identified. Successful completion of these challenge exams and/or course work will be required to be eligible for admission.

If you have questions about admissions requirements, please contact Anna Lewis, Director of Admissions.