Emergency Closure Policy PDF Print

When conditions lead to an emergency college closure

All decisions pertaining to the closure of the OCOM campus will be made by the college president. If the president is absent or unavailable, all decisions pertaining to the closure of the OCOM campus will be made by a consensus of the available senior college administration. Unless specifically noted otherwise, ALL emergency campus closures will include ALL campus buildings: college, clinic, annex, professional building, and Research house.

OCOM will remain closed for the entire day on which it is closed. For instance, if the determination to close is made at 7:00 AM, OCOM will remain closed and will not re-open that day even if conditions improve. All closure decisions will be made as early in the day as possible (typically, before 7:00 AM) and are made on a day-to-day basis.

If the determination is made that OCOM will remain open, under any and all circumstances individuals should use their best judgment when traveling to and from campus. Conditions may be fine in one area of town and poor in another, so please travel carefully.

Information on emergency OCOM closures will be communicated through the following channels:

  • The Portland Information Network (
  • OCOM’s main website ( and OCOM Lounge (
  • A message on the main college switchboard (503-253-3443)
  • Local television and radio stations

For more information, please contact Director of Facilities and Campus Safety, Dane Bevan, at 503-253-3443 x157.